Indulgence set in stone

Natural stone kitchen countertops – traditional & timeless

With the diversity of the “STRASSER-stones“ you have got many design options.

With a natural stone kitchen countertop, you will find the original charm of nature in the kitchen! The kitchen is the place of tastefulness – not only referring to the culinary enjoyment. Natural stone will turn a trivial kitchen into a beauty spot, which reflects personal flair.

Please choose surface for your natural stone countertop

Advantages of natural stone in the kitchen

Very hygienic

Working on natural stone is very hygienic because it has little abrasive resistance. Therefore, you can knead a dough or cut fruit directly on the natural stone kitchen countertop.

Scratch resistent

Kitchen countertops made of natural stone are absolutely scratch proof which makes working on them very simple.

Heat resistant

Hot pans or pots can be placed directly on natural stone, which is a considerable advantage compared to other materials.

Easy care

Beside their timeless design, natural stone countertops are easy to care for.

Interior natural stone – for comfy ambience

With the diversity of the “STRASSER-stones” there are many design options.

Nowadays easy care, high comfort and a unique aesthetics are demanded - beside resistance against mechanical, thermic and biochemical exposure. Natural stone complies these characteristics almost ideally.

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