ST-ONE The natural stone kitchen island


Natural stone, “the salt of the kitchen,” is one of the oldest known materials and dates back to the Prehistoric Age. As the key to comfort, security, happiness and culture, it is the only material that could have withstood the primal power of fire.


Each ST-ONE kitchen island is offered in five dimensions and five stone types which means there are 25 basic designs available. Individual designs are optional e.g. basin on the left or right side or omitting it.

ST-ONE Unit L 284 L 284 x W 100 x H 90-95 cm

ST-ONE Unit L 244 L 244 x W 100 x H 90-95 cm

ST-ONE Unit S 214 L 214 x W 100 x H 90-95 cm

ST-ONE Unit S 184 L 184 x W 100 x H 90-95 cm

ST-ONE Unit Q 144 L 144 x W 144 x H 90-95 cm



polished or Leather Look

The unique fine marbled granite comes from the depths of the Indian subcontinent. It creates a calm contrast and perfectly harmonizes with metal. It transforms your kitchen into a universe of personal balance.


polished or Leather Look

The characteristics of the cool rock formation from the Far East are its special color and elegant structure. As an attractive natural stone block, it combines all the elements of Haute cuisine and breaks the ice into contemporary style.



The unmistakable pattern from the tropics of Brazil brings an amazing dynamic into the room. The stimulating structure of the rock brings your room to life with vitality and blends spectacularly well with each type of wood.



The warm, expressive structure of this South American natural stone brings the power of prehistoric times to the center of your life. Archaic and untamed, it mixes well with conventional kitchen planning. The natural stone fossil is offered only in Cross Cut.


Polished or Leather Look

The tender structure of this Brazilian hard rock is like a copy of the earth. Continents, rivers, mountains and lakes form a universe, that brings dimension and life into the kitchen. With its unique surface, this natural stone sets priorities, which are essential for a unique design.


The rediscovery of natural stone as power and as an energy booster in your home is considered a conscious break from the norm, especially in the kitchen. It shows a return to pristine nature which is highly valued today. The ritual of cooking is as basic as a natural element. History shows us there has never been anything better in the past millennia.

Your first impression of a ST-ONE kitchen island exceeds your imagination not only by its external appearance but is also matched by its frame: solid wood drawers with finger joints and cutting edge mechanics guarantee a permanent smooth operation. The system is available in either Smoked Oak or European Maple and creates a harmonious combination to the exceptional natural ST-ONE stones. Different organizational inserts complement the high-quality interior.


Natural Stone Basin

Professionally processed natural stone sink. As in the option Fossil, it is made with both the vertical cut and the horizontal cut.

Down Draft Fan

Well-known manufacturer’s fan can be perfectly integrated.

Toe Kick Lighting

The indirect illumination of the recessed toe kick causes an optical floating effect. Despite its massive stone character, the ST-ONE kitchen island seems almost weightless.

High Quality Miter Joints

Cover, side panels and an additional stone block in the base area are cut in a 45° angle to create the exceptional framework for the island.

Unique Socket

Paying extra attention to detail, Strasser technique is also reflected in a specially designed socket.

Fingered Corner Joints

High-quality solid wood frame and drawers are available in either Smoked Oak or European Maple with fingered corner joints.

High Quality Body

The body of ST-ONE is made of high quality multiplex plywood panel. The frame has a stainless steel finish.

Drawer Lighting

An optional integrated drawer lighting system illuminates every move.