Premiere in kitchen design

Kitchen countertops made out of the natural raw material ceramic

Precious & consistent

Ceramic kitchen countertops, that enable completely new shape-possibilities, are the top-innovation by STRASSER-Steine at the moment. The ceramic countertops are as thin as the bottom of a pan but as resistant as stone.

Ceramic: natural raw material

Quartz particles, feldspar, kaolin and clay are the components of the familiar material ceramic. These materials are kilned at 1200 degrees and are thereby so heavy-duty they can be used as kitchen countertops.

The ceramic kitchen countertops are exclusively processed without glue and are available in dimensions of 12 to 120 mm. Depending on the size of the slabs even larger formats of 3,1m X 1,4m are possible. Therefore, big kitchen islands can be equipped with this trendy material, without separate parts.

Ceramic countertops, as well as natural stone, have a lot of assets: heat resistant, scratch proof and can be cleaned easily.


Use: Kitchen countertops, splash boards, side panels, splash bags

Agento Origin: Italien
Antracite Origin: Italien
Cement Origin: Spain
Crema Origin: Italien
Ceppo Origin: Italien
Ice Origin: Italien
Pietra Marquina Origin: Italien
Nigredo 21 Origin: Italien
Pietra Piana Origin: Italien
Pietra Origin: Italien
Basalt Black Origin: Spain
Basalt Grey Origin: Spain
Beton Origin: Spain
Carrara Origin: Italien
Danae Origin: Spain
Sirius Origin: Spain
Iron Copper Origin: Spain
Iron Grey Origin: Spain
Iron Moss Origin: Spain
Domoos Origin: Spain
Estatuario Origin: Spain
Strato Origin: Spain
Everest Imperial Origin: Spain
Zenith Origin: Spain
Calacatta Hochglanz Origin: Spain
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